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Data Cabling

Elecdata has provided expert service and support for all structured cabling solutions for over 20 years. We ensure that we provide our clients with reliable and flexible data network infrastructure.

We are affiliated and certified to install a large variety of quality cabling solutions including but not limited to: Molex, Panduit, TE / Krone, Leviton, Belden, and AMP.

Our data cabling services include:

  • Network design

  • Horizontal cabling including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A and Cat7

  • Backbone cabling including fibre optic cabling and multi pair voice cabling.

  • Cable management solutions

  • Rack installation and associated equipment

  • Installation of network equipment, patching and connection

  • WAP cabling and installation

  • Supply and installation of ducted skirting

  • Adds, moves and changes

  • Testing and labelling

  • Cabling Certification

  • Our data technicians are ACA accredited and will be proud to deliver a quality data solution for your next project.

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