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NSW Parliament’s Legislative Assembly Chamber and Legislative Council  Chamber

Client: Gartner Rose

Duration: 6 Months

Date of Completion: May 2023

Value: $527k

Complete lighting upgrade to both NSW Parliament’s Legislative Assembly (LA) Chamber and Legislative Council (LC) Chamber.


Our team faced the unique challenge of illuminating this prestigious space while preserving its rich heritage. The complexity of the installation demanded creativity, precision, and a deep unwavering dedication to quality.


Project Highlights:


Preserving Heritage: Meticulous attention was given to ensure that the lighting installation seamlessly integrated with the Chamber's architectural nuances, preserving its historical charm.


Complex Installation: Overcoming spatial challenges and adhering to strict heritage guidelines, our team executed a flawless installation that complemented the Chamber's aesthetics. This involved custom retrofit brackets for light fitting installation within existing heritage fabric.


Cutting-edge Technology: Dynalight and Casambi lighting control throughout

Collaboration: Working closely with builders Gartner Rose throughout the install to achieve a fantastic result. Also working hand in hand with lighting designers Steensen Varming and Lighting Supplier Jade Cross.

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